Love Ecover Mobile Refill Stations

If you’ve got this far you probably know how good Ecover cleaning products are for you and the planet.

If you don’t, have a look at the Ecover website – there’s much more info there than we could possibly list.

Love Ecover is a brand new idea to bring to you, at your local Farmer’s Market, the complete range of Ecover products, including an Ecover Refill Station.

At the refill station you use your own plastic bottles to take your cleaning products home in, saving your plastic bottles going to landfill.

What a great idea for the Planet and your Pocket!

Find your nearest Love Ecover Mobile Refill Station here.

Love Ecover can refill:

Fabric Softener
Hand Soap
Laundry Liquid
Laundry Liquid Delicate
Multi-surface Cleaner
Shower Gel
Toilet Cleaner
Washup Liquid, Lemon & Aloe Vera
Washup Liquid Chamomile &Marigold